Job Opportunities

No of openings: 1
Experience: 12+
Job Posted Date: 19-Jul-2021
Skills: Maya & Z Brush
Location: Bangalore

job description
  • Build and execute complex CG models and supervise the work of the modelers.
  • Interpret and translate creative direction given by the Creative Director and Art Director to the modelers and ensure the direction is carried out on schedule and on budget.
  • Manage complexity of the models. Establish and enforce standards for the department so that the models work well for the rest of the pipeline.
  • Perform daily one-on-one rounds with Modelers. Troubleshoot creative and technical issues as they arise and determine when models are ready for review.
  • Attend other departments’ reviews as needed to address modeling questions or comments.
  • Work with the Creative Director and other departments to communicate Modeling needs and provide for other departments’ needs.
  • Bid the schedule along with the Creative Director and Production Supervisor.
  • Ensure the presentation of models.
  • Enforce directory structure, naming conventions and versioning for all models.
  • Proactively maintain a consistent working methodology by actively sharing tips and tricks between shows, partnering with other Supervisors and staying current on other shows’ development and initiative while staying abreast of the various tools.
  • Highlight cost implications of requests or changes.

No of openings: 1
Experience: 10 +
Job Posted Date: 20-Jul-2021
Skills: Maya 2020,Substance 2021 & Mari
Location: Bangalore

job description
  • Train, guide, and review Texturing artists creating high quality UVs, textures and look dev.
  • Ensure that artists are meeting production deadlines.
  • Work efficiently and navigate a fast-paced environment.
  • Provide feedback and improve established pipelines and workflows
  • Work with pipeline and R&D teams to create new tools needed to increase efficiency.
  • Meet with other Supervisors to discuss many topics that range department needs.
  • Hold bi-weekly meetings with the Texturing team to continue learning and build team togetherness
  • Collaborate with Directors, Creative Directors,  and CG Leads to ensure that all work being delivered meets high level expectations and specific project needs

No of openings: 1
Experience: 10
Job Posted Date: 20-Jul-2021
Skills: Maya
Location: Bangalore

job description
  • Overall team management and resource planning such as recruitment, resource allocation, training, development, and performance management
  • Collaboratively works with studio leadership; prioritizes and escalates show and overall studio pipeline tasks and solutions
  • Develops studio tools and improvements to rigging pipeline as well as sibling departments
  • Work with the production team to meet the goals and requirements of asset deliveries, including R&D and rapid prototyping
  • Stays up to date with rigging techniques in the industry and plans development when relevant new technology emerges
  • Reviews and evaluates the work of artists on the rigging team for both technical and artistic improvements
  • Creates documentation and training materials