About Us

Hula Studios - a vision of an artist for the artists who reflect passion in their creation and innovation through their work! Implement skills by continuous learning to be the approach! 

HuLa Studios has been involved in delivering quality 3D CGI animation content for various studios across the territories, be it the Western or the Far East or the European or the Asian Market. We have successfully delivered Animation Feature film, TV Series, DVD series, and several special avenue assignments for our clients.

HuLa’s core strength and trust of esteemed clients in business is the tangible team, comprehensive creative & technical pipeline setup established by extensive knowledge and expertise to fulfill the expected quality within the timelines.

HuLa believes in extending end-to-end production support to the clients with expected QUALITY - Delivered on Time! 

A sincere desire to address the media and broadcast needs while earning the complete trust and loyalty of clients by delivering outstanding solutions is the seed!

Team strength emanates from core expertise in business, creative technical areas well honed by experience servicing Animation needs in the Entertainment Industry from almost 4 years with a global footprint.

We are located in Bangalore and Hyderabad!!